Florida Creativity Conference in sunny Sarasota, Florida is a wonderful opportunity for people interested in growing creativity. Come get inspired! Meet interesting people! Learn ways to awaken and apply creativity to stimulate ideas, solve problems more effectively, and tap into your creative potential!

2019 Florida Creativity Conference (March 29-31, 2019) offers workshops that are relevant to educators and trainers, to entrepreneurs, business people, and all individuals interested in exploring creativity and its many applications!

If you would like an idea about how our conference works, check out our tentative 2019 Conference Schedule.

Florida Creativity Conference offers:

•  Dynamic, hands-on workshops focused on different aspects of creativity
•  Presenters and participants sharing powerful creative perspectives
•  A safe space for exploring individual and collaborative creativity
•  A learning experience that sparks personal and professional growth
•  Make powerful connections with innovative thinkers, creators and world-class presenters

Wondering what to expect if it’s your first time attending the Florida Creativity Conference? Past participants suggest:

  • no matter how creative you think you are (or aren’t) – you’ll be inspired!
  • you’ll meet people with common interests!
  • you’ll have your choice of many mind-opening experiences!
  • you’ll connect with people of different ages and backgrounds who are all exploring creativity!
  • you’ll learn great new ways to spark your own (and others’) creativity!
  • you’ll add to your personal and/or professional problem solving skillset!
  • you’ll tap into creative potential you didn’t know was hiding!