About Florida Creativity Conference

Florida Creativity Conference celebrates 17 years in 2020! If you are open to awakening more of your creative potential, this conference is the great opportunity to explore creativity in many wonderful forms! FCC provides hands-on and interactive learning, music and movement, connecting and innovating. Participants walk away with a fresh ‘tool kit’ of creative problem solving skills and productive practices for their personal and professional life, and a sparked imagination which can positively impact every area of life!

2019 Core Team


Kitty Heusner and Hedria Lunken Saltzman

Site Partner Liaisons:

Stephen Rushton
University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee

Will Luera
Florida Studio Theatre

Support Team Leaders:

Roseanne Avella-Pérez: Director of Design and Website
Erica Berrones: Bookstore and Ambiance
Missy Carvin: Program
Suzanne Dameron: Communications
Latise Hairston: Conference Volunteers
Billie Kahealani-Dobson: Logistics and Hospitality
Michael Kline: Leadership Facilitation and Guidance
Ellen Koronet: Feedback and Evaluation
Jennifer Lieberman: Silent Auction
Amy Harriett Miller: Director of Daring Growth and Development
Diane St Lifer: Silent Auction

Our Mission

Promoting and encouraging creativity and innovation in ways which make a positive difference in people’s lives, communities, and the world.