Workshops 2018

All of the workshops offered fit into one or more of the following categories below. Please see full workshop description to see which categories apply.


  • Creative Thinking and Theory: Ideas and experiences that would deepen understanding of creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Education / Training: Ideas and experiences that would contribute to delivering instruction and facilitating learning including specific strategies and tools, as well as group process techniques, and content related to creativity and innovation.
  • Arts Experience: Possible applications that would provide hands-on experiences with any of the arts including music, drawing, painting, collage, mask making, dance, theater, and writing. The arts experiences would also provide models for using the arts in a variety of contexts.
  • Business / Entrepreneurship / Innovation: Ideas and experiences that would help professionals explore the applications and implications of integrating creativity and creative problem solving techniques into daily business practices. These sessions may aid professionals re-frame creativity as an essential aspect of commercial innovation.
  • Personal Growth: Ideas and experiences that would provide opportunities for reflection, personal exploration and growth, self-assessment and feedback. May include a time to just enjoy, laugh, participate in playful experiences, and reconnect with your inner child.




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Location: USF Sarasota-Manatee


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Location: USF Sarasota-Manatee

2018 Day 1
March 23, 2018

Unveiling the Masks We Wear

Explore the mask we wear through discussion, reflection and the actual creation of our own facemarks. This is a messy and meaningful process.
Stephen Rushton

Engaging in Professional Play

The art of play is a necessity to foster positive, effective and empowered people. With FST Teaching Artists, explore the world of play and engage in games/activitites that enhance team building, creativity and joy.
Hannah Bagnall
Christine Hopkins

Breaking It Open, Finding Resilience In Adversity

From understanding how mindset affects our experiences to developing an intentional gratitude practice, you will learn tools to use before, during and after life's most troubling times. In a safe place explore past adversity and learn to look for gifts even when facing difficult challenges.
Missy Carvin
Beth Slazak

From Fins to Wins – turning those circling sharks into your biggest advocates

Join Lee and Josh as they dive into the shark infested waters of idea building and pitching those ideas. Learn some essential tools to help turn "resisters" into "assisters". Make your ideas shine like the diamonds they are and prepare the ultimate pitch.
Josh Mahaney
Lee Kitchen

Creativity Through Mindfulness, Drama, Laughter and Art

This highly interactive workshop will use many strategies including art expression, guided visualization, journaling, improve and laughter to help participants explore a personal growth question to discover the health benefits of creative process.
Rev. Donna Papenhausen
Hedda Matza-Haughton
Lisa Richardson

The Successful Creative: Success Is a Game . . .These Are the Rules

Both experience and then apply Jackie's 3Rules for Success in order to shift in to your peak creative state, communicate ideas that are heard and confidently initiate effective action.
Jackie Simmons

Practical Creativity in Business

Learn to unlock your creativity at work by using practical tools and techniques that apply to everyday situations.
Laura West

Learn 21st Century Creative Problem Solving Skills

Join Hedria to access your creativity and to learn or relearn and practice tools for creative thinking and problem solving. Apply these skills to your own goal or challenge.
Hedria Lunken Saltzman

Mining Your Treasures: Memoir Poetry

Poetry can be especially useful as a way to capture life experiences. Through a series of discussions and writing exercises, poetically explore the past.
Ann Bracken
Kathy Leydon-Conway

Collaborative Leadership and Engagement: A Leader in Every Chair

Increase your capacity to solve complex problems. Solutions are more readily found and sustainable if they are co-created by stakeholders.
Michael Kline

IKIGAI: Your Reason for Being

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that has been translated as "reason for being". Through creative fund and introspection gain insight into your own personal IKIGAI, the constellation of passions, purpose and potential that grounds you.
Phyllis Mufson

Polarity Thinking: Use Paradox to Enhance Your Creativity

Inhale and exhale, rest and activity diverge and converge, team and individual - we live in the midst of interdependent elements, paradoxes or polarities. Polarity Thanking leads to more successful and creative outcomes. Experience a practical and profound tool for broadened approaches to dilemmas of work and life.
Elizabeth Monroe-Cook

Saturday Concurrent Workshops 2018

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No pre-selection required
90 minutes each; final schedule will assign each workshop to one of the three Saturday timeslots

Location: USF Sarasota-Manatee

2018 Day 2

The Old Classroom is Dead! Long Live the Creative, Enterprise Classroom

The essence of this session is the inevitable change that is going on in business and education because of technology and science, the new demands that are put on educators...
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Claim and Create Your Unique Thought Leadership

This popular workshop is back in expanded timeframe! Join Laura West, CPCC for a fun and experiential workshop to unlock your creativity at work. You’ll experience practical tools and techniques...
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Back to the Drawing Board: History and Production of Comic Books

Workshop begins with a 30-40 minute interactive presentation that takes participants through the history and production of the creation of comic books and graphic novels. During the presentation, participants will...
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Creative Needs: The Relationship of Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction to Creativity

This workshop provides an introduction to a new line of research investigating the relationship of basic psychological needs satisfaction to creativity. According to self-determination theory, when the basic psychological needs...
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“Zoned IN” – Optimizing Learning

  OUTCOMES: Participants in this workshop will: Learn the distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Learn how to employ intrinsic motivation for students and employees. Learn the importance of task...
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Mindfulness Meditation and Creativity

Mindfulness is a form of divergent thinking. It creates a gap in the stream of mind that allows new and creative thoughts to enter. Experience mindfulness meditation...the present moment...your inner creativity and insightfulness.
Marguerite Battaglia

Color Healing with the Angels and Divine Wisdom

Come experience how color can heal and enrich your life! Learn how you can use color and divine wisdom to heal old emotional patterns and access intuition and clarity.
Anna Champagne

Feng Shui Your Creativity

Transform your creativity with the elemental forces through the power of the ancient art of Feng Shui.
Gail Condrick

Wonder Interventions at Work: How to Add Delight, Surprise, & Curiosity to Your Work and Life

The experience of wonder can boost your generosity, fuel your creativity, and deep in what you care about. Join Jeffrey to learn how you can experience wonder amidst your daily punch-list. Learn to switch from worry to delight, experience radical openness, and be ready for a quiet surprises indoors and out.
Jeffrey Davis

Improving Team Problem Solving Effectiveness

Experience some of the top 10 barriers to team problem-solving effectiveness. Through an understanding of cognitive science and a toolbox of proven methods learn to improve a team's problem-solving skills.
Wayne Fisher

Color Healing with the Angels and Devine Wisdom

Come experience how color can heal and enrich your life! Learn how you can use color and divine wisdom to heal old emotional patterns and access intuition and clarity,
Anna Champagne

Surprise! Serendipity as a Creative Spark

Join this workshop to explore the roles of serendipity in the creation of new knowledge and innovation. Make a plan to increase opportunities for accidental discoveries.
Joanna Fox
Tammera Race

Songs Around the Campfire

We will gather around the imaginary campfire and sing songs we probably learned as long people. Bring instruments or just your voices. Hidden amidst the joy we'll have in singing, we will each learn a little about ourselves and gain insights into how must affects our lives.
Gayle Williams
Deborah Frock

Finding Personal Freedom in Emerald City

Karen brings a unique method for change in the use of a game as a tool. She works on many levels of communicating to deepen understanding of what is possible. Playing the game, participants will brainstorm and engage in mutual support as they seek wellbeing.
Karen Rudolf

From Playmates to Problem Solvers: Build a Powerhouse Board of Advisors Using Creative Imagination

Using the Invisible Counselor Technique (Napolean Hill, 1939), Nanette will lead a creative visualization activity to inspire you to gather imaginary supporters ready to assist you with any challenge.
Nanette Saylor

Creative Grit: Enhance Your Story

This session will focus on resilience and story. It will emphasize the intrinsic factors that foster resilience - grit, focus on control nd self-efficacy.
Mary Ann Smorra


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Location: USF Sarasota-Manatee Selby Auditorium

2018 Keynote


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No pre-selection required
60 minutes each; final schedule will assign each workshop to one of the two Sunday timeslots

Location: Florida Studio Theatre / Gompertz Theatre

2018 Day 3


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Location: Florida Studio Theatre / Keating Theatre

2018 Keynote 2