Workshop Areas of Interest

All of the workshops offered fit into one or more of the following categories below. Please see full workshop description to see which categories apply.


  • Creative Thinking and Theory [CR]: Ideas and experiences that would deepen understanding of creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Education / Training [E/T]: Ideas and experiences that would contribute to delivering instruction and facilitating learning including specific strategies and tools, as well as group process techniques, and content related to creativity and innovation.
  • Arts Experience [A]: Possible applications that would provide hands-on experiences with any of the arts including music, drawing, painting, collage, mask making, dance, theater, and writing. The arts experiences would also provide models for using the arts in a variety of contexts.
  • Business / Entrepreneurship / Innovation [B]: Ideas and experiences that would help professionals explore the applications and implications of integrating creativity and creative problem solving techniques into daily business practices. These sessions may aid professionals re-frame creativity as an essential aspect of commercial innovation.
  • Personal Growth [P/G]: Ideas and experiences that would provide opportunities for reflection, personal exploration and growth, self-assessment and feedback. May include a time to just enjoy, laugh, participate in playful experiences, and reconnect with your inner child.