A-maze Your Mind: Exploring Creativity Through The Art of Mazes

30 Mar 2019
02:45 pm
USF Sarasota-Manatee

A-maze Your Mind: Exploring Creativity Through The Art of Mazes

From cornfields to the back sides of cereal boxes, mazes are all around us. Solving mazes can be a great way to pass the time and occupy your mind, but what about creating your own? In this workshop, participants will explore mazes from an artistic standpoint and learn how to create their own, bridging the gap between logical problem solving and artistic innovation.

What will your participants learn of experience as a result of the workshop?

  • Participants will learn how to construct mazes, incorporating logic, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • Participants will learn about creating mazes as a tool for meditation and thought organization.
  • Participants will create illustrative mazes to take home and share!

How will the content of the workshop change your attendees’ perceptions, habits, ways of working or view on the world?

  • Bridge the gap between left brain and right brain thinking, marrying logic to art in new and interesting ways.

How will attendees apply what they learn in the session?

  • Effective coping tool for dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • Opens the mind to new pathways when stuck on a task.


  • Business
  • Community
  • Education