Cleaner, Meaner Magnetism

25 Mar 2017
9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
USF Sarasota–Manatee

Cleaner, Meaner Magnetism

Whether for business or personal pursuits, when our energy is scattered, we take much longer to reach a goal, if at all. Learn how to electrify a dream or team, clear out obstacles, and design a powerful tool to attract “customers,” all without compromising the messy fun that generates exciting new ideas. Under the guidance of a Social Scientist and a Corporate Team Leader, we will: Practice clearing blocks; Hone language; and Invite deep connection. Using signature exercises involving movement, props, markers, and role-playing, we will build cleaner, meaner magnetism to bring ideas to life.

OUTCOMES: Participants in this workshop will:

  • Gain a template to supercharge professional and personal goals.
  • Discover how to manage personal energy conservation.
  • Learn how to align your aspired outcomes with your inner self-talk.
  • Learn about customizing powerful social scientific tools (quizzes, forms, surveys) for team building or marketing.


  • Help Individuals, Teams, or Businesses zero in on highly energized goals.
  • Create more functional communication (in teams; with customers).
  • Manage energy better in daily activities.


  • Business / Entrepreneurship / Innovation
  • Personal Growth