Awakening Imagination

29 Mar 2019
09:00 am
USF Sarasota-Manatee

Awakening Imagination

During this 3-hour experiential workshop you will awaken your imagination through the exploration of various art forms—visual, movement, rhythm, drama/theater, prose/poetry. Your imagination will thank you for awakening its natural ability to be engaged and enlivened. | No experience with the arts is required. | Expect to have much fun and leave with an expanded view of what is possible for you!

What will your participants learn of experience as a result of the workshop?

  • Explore 5 different art forms.
  • Enliven your senses.
  • Utilize the arts as the guide for possibility.

How will the content of the workshop change your attendees’ perceptions, habits, ways of working or view on the world?

  • Multisensory experience will provide practical resources for work & life.
  • Gain a fresh/renewed lens on what is possible.
  • Increased ease with being out of your comfort zone.

How will attendees apply what they learn in the session?

  • Greater willingness to express yourself through the arts.
  • Ability to apply the arts in your facilitation practice.
  • A renewed desire to keep your senses activated.